Securing the nation’s data networks with American-made high-speed optical transceivers.

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Optical Transceivers, AOCs, AECs & More

Our team has many years of experience in chip and device package engineering for the optical communication industry. Our extensive product catalog offers a full range of solutions including 10G to 800G + high speed modules, AOC and AEC/ACC, providing you with optoelectronic application solutions and OEM/ODM/JDM services for your proprietary needs.

Fast Photonics is now producing these products in American facilities, using American expertise, fuelling the nation’s manufacturing comeback.

The Fast-Photonics


Build America Compliance

First to comply with the Build America, Buy America provisions for optical communication products.

Advanced Automation

Comprehensive automation in engineering design, from hardware to IT software, for enhanced production control and traceability.

Wide Product Range

Products ranging from 10G to 800G optical transceivers and higher, including TO/optical engines, OSAs, and modules/AOCs.

Proven Production Expertise

Robust plant management and process system with vast mass production experience, producing tens of millions of units.

Global Partnerships

Extensive experience in partnering with international companies, demonstrating Fast Photonics’ global reach and capacity for collaboration and innovation.

Exceptional Service

Fast Photonics offers efficient service, senior technical support, and quality assurance on all optical transceivers and related products.

Fast Photonics


As data centers proliferate - and the demand for greater speed and bandwidth grows in tandem - optical transceivers will play an increasingly important role in solving critical infrastructural bottlenecks.

An Active Optical Cable (AOC) is a cabling technology that uses optical fiber between the connectors. This format enables the transmission of data over longer distances – and at higher bandwidths – than traditional copper cables. AOC cables are an increasingly popular choice for data centers, HPC and telecommunications thanks to their light weight, flexibility, […]


Linear Pluggable Optics (LPO) and Linear Receive Optics (LRO) have emerged as frontrunners in the quest for optimizing data transmission. These technologies offer distinct benefits and operational efficiencies, not just within traditional network setups but also in active optical cables (AOCs) used across data centers and high-performance computing environments. Here, we’re discussing the features and […]


In the global economy, the landscape of optical component manufacturing has been dominantly shaped by Asia’s cost-effective production capabilities. However, a significant shift is underway, with the United States emerging as a formidable competitor in the realm of optical elements, leveraging advanced automation, efficient logistics, national security imperatives, and other factors to redefine manufacturing excellence. […]


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