A New Era for Fast Photonics: Unveiling Our State-of-the-Art Facility in Richardson, TX

Fast Photonics

High-tech manufacturing is coming back to the United States – and we at Fast Photonics USA are proud to be playing a leading part in serving the telecommunications and data center industries with reliable American-made components. 

Cutting-edge optical transceivers, AOC cables and Linear Pluggable Optics (LPO) Modules will be in production at our newly opened facility in Richardson, Texas. This represents a milestone for Fast Photonics USA, our customers and partners, and the industries that rely on these technologies.

Our facility is set up to be in compliance and meeting the BABA (Build America, Buy America) requirements. Initial products that ship from our Richardson facility will meet the 65% US content requirements and within 6 months we will be over 85% US content (moving PC board assembly to North America). The product will all be coded in the US with the any foreign complied firmware.  Our facility is being set up to be highly efficient, employing automation throughout the process allowing us to produce a high quality, cost competitive product.

Our product roll out plan is based on customer needs and will be starting with 400/800 G multimode transceivers and AOC products. As we prove out our production line, we will quickly add our SiPh based 400/800G single mode transceiver products to our production line (Estimated to be Q4 2024). The next phase will be the introduction of our 1.6T products in Q1 2025.

Why Richardson, TX?

Richardson’s vibrant high-tech ecosystem made it a natural choice for our new facility. Establishing ourselves here gives us access to a dynamic, innovative business community that includes tech giants and startups. These businesses are driving the demand for photonics components and transceivers – and we expect this demand to accelerate as the Build America, Buy America Act transforms the supply chain.

By setting up our state-of-the-art facilities here, we underscore our commitment to supporting this transformation, bringing manufacturing back to the United States, led by our expert team of engineers and scientists.

American-Made QSFP112 Optical Transceivers & LPO Modules

The facility will be used to produce our entire product catalog, including AOCs, AECs, transceivers and LPO Modules. 

QSFP112 Optical Transceivers

 Our Richardson facility will also be the first in the USA to produce our QSFP112 Optical Transceivers, manufactured with precision to meet OIF and QSFP112 MSA standards. 

 Available in both single mode and multi-mode variants, these transceivers stand up to the most demanding operational conditions, making them perfect for data center and telecom applications. With the DR4 and SR4 variants already in sampling and the FR4 variant expected by Q2 2024, Fast Photonics USA is at the forefront of providing cost-effective, high-performance networking solutions. 

Linear Pluggable Optics Modules

 In addition, the facility will produce LPO modules supporting high data rates up to 1.6T across various form factors like OSFP, QSFP-DD, and QSFP112. These modules enable substantial power savings, reduced latency and cost-efficiency over DSP-based modules, vital for short-reach applications like AI and High-Performance Computing. 

 With 400G/800G versions currently being sampled and a 1.6T version expected by late Q3 2024, these LPO modules are setting new standards for efficiency and performance in critical tech sectors.

Pathways to Innovation: Explore New Opportunities With FastPhotonics USA

 The new Richardson facility signifies a major leap for Fast Photonics, showcasing our dedication to innovation and quality in the photonics industry. Fast Photonics is making a major investiment into the USA with a transfer of proven technogoly, fininacing to form the business and USA lead management team. This underscores our commitment to American manufacturing and technological leadership. 

 We invite industry partners and customers to explore the possibilities this new facility brings. Contact us to explore how our cutting-edge photonics solutions can enhance your projects, discuss partnership opportunities, or schedule a visit to our new Richardson facility.

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