10 Reasons to Choose Active Optical Cables for Your Networking Needs

10 Reasons to Choose Active Optical Cables

An Active Optical Cable (AOC) is a cabling technology that uses optical fiber between the connectors. This format enables the transmission of data over longer distances – and at higher bandwidths – than traditional copper cables. AOC cables are an increasingly popular choice for data centers, HPC and telecommunications thanks to their light weight, flexibility, […]

Linear Pluggable Optics (LPO) & Linear Receive Optics (LRO): a Practical Comparison

LPO and LRO are key linear optical technologies optimizing data transmission.

Linear Pluggable Optics (LPO) and Linear Receive Optics (LRO) have emerged as frontrunners in the quest for optimizing data transmission. These technologies offer distinct benefits and operational efficiencies, not just within traditional network setups but also in active optical cables (AOCs) used across data centers and high-performance computing environments. Here, we’re discussing the features and […]

Redefining Optical Component Manufacturing Excellence: The Competitive Edge of the US over Asia


In the global economy, the landscape of optical component manufacturing has been dominantly shaped by Asia’s cost-effective production capabilities. However, a significant shift is underway, with the United States emerging as a formidable competitor in the realm of optical elements, leveraging advanced automation, efficient logistics, national security imperatives, and other factors to redefine manufacturing excellence. […]

Fast Photonics USA at OFC 2024: Linear Pluggable Optics in the Spotlight

FastPhotonics -Pioneering LPO Optics & US Manufacturing

 The 2024 Optical Fiber Communications Conference and Exhibition (OFC) took place over 4 days in March, at the San Diego Convention Center. Yet again, this event proved to be the premier conference for the global communications and optical networks industries.  We were excited to be a part of it all, showcasing Fast Photonics products, networking […]

A New Era for Fast Photonics: Unveiling Our State-of-the-Art Facility in Richardson, TX

Fast Photonics

High-tech manufacturing is coming back to the United States – and we at Fast Photonics USA are proud to be playing a leading part in serving the telecommunications and data center industries with reliable American-made components.  Cutting-edge optical transceivers, AOC cables and Linear Pluggable Optics (LPO) Modules will be in production at our newly opened […]

Empowering Connectivity: Our Commitment to Build America, Buy America and the BEAD Program

Fast Photonics

As the global demand for connectivity continues to grow exponentially, moves are being made to put American companies in the best possible position to serve that demand. The Build America, Buy America (BABA) Act and the Broadband Equity, Access, and Deployment (BEAD) Program are two important elements of this long-term vision for bringing manufacturing back […]